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Ozarks / Online

James River Church led by John Lindell is a widely talked-about church, renowned for the Godly blessings that they consistently receive. They are known for their remarkable waves of miraculous healings. They offer their services at various locations in Springfield, Ozark, and Joplin Missouri, as well as maintaining a strong online presence that reaches around the globe.


12 States / Online

Life Church led by Craig Groeschel is another great church. They provide services at a vast amount of locations that span 12 states, as well as a massive online presence that reaches every continent.


Redding, CA / Online

Bethel Church led by Bill Johnson is a world renown church that has had a reputation for miraculous healings. They offer services in Redding, California, and also have a reach that spans around the globe.


4 States & Toronto / Online

Elevation Church led by Steven Furtick that is known not only for their teachings but also for their worship. They have many locations that span 4 states, and a location in Toronto Canada. They also provide online services world wide.


More Great Churches

Hillsong Church - Locations World Wide - Website

Church Of The Highlands - Many Locations in Alabama - Website

- More to come -