Donate To Spread The Gospel!

Help us in our mission to spread the word of God to all those who are lost and hurting. This world is in desperate need of Jesus and we want to introduce him the lost. You are a vital piece to this mission. With your generous donation we will be able to accomplish this. Do you know that as of 2023 Facebook had 3.049 billion active user's on its platform. That is not including those who are also on Instagram, and Tik-Tok. This is a Blessing for all Christians alike, as this makes things easier to spread the Gospel of Jesus. Churches have already figured this out an have been utilizing social media for quit some time, and it is a success. We want to reach those who have never experienced Jesus's love or may have fallen away from him, by buying ad campaigns to spread the love of JESUS and his gospel. We want to stir a conversation and bring light to a dark world. Please consider helping us in donating to our cause, and thank you for your generosity.